The musical course of Jean-Claude MARA

In short
Jean-Claude MARA from 1972 to 2004 :
31 recorded albums
More than 800 given concerts : in France, Germany, Belgium, Israël, Switzerland and Japan.

25 years of concerts in Altenberg cathedral (Germany).

Participation in Arosa panflute festival (Suisse).

Participation in Arosa panflute festival (Suisse).

Encounter with Michel DEVAUX-LUEZ (guitarist).
Publication of "Reflets" (Reflections).
Concerts in Japan : Kitakyushu, Kyoto, Sapporo, Osaka, Niigata, Tokyo.

Publication of "Hymne de la Nature" (Hymn to Nature), with the Nature Orchestra around the water mill of Bachas.

1 9 9 9
Publication of "Veni creator" (live !), a selection of live-recordings made in 20 years of concerts in the cathedral of Altenberg (Germany).

1 9 9 8
Recording of "Paraboles", created in the church St-Just de Valcabrère (F).

1 9 9 7
Recording of "Rayonnements", created in the abbey Ste-Scholastique in Urt (F).

1 9 9 6
Concerts in Japan : Fukuyama, Hiroshima cathedral.
Encounter with the harpist Katrine HORN.

1 9 9 5
Recording of "Psalmodies".
Encounter with Franck Besingrand, organist.

1 9 9 4
Recording of "Allegoria".
Appearance in festival of Jerusalem (4 concerts in Dormition Abbey).
Encounter with Jacques Burtin (koraist).

1 9 9 3
Recording of "Voies Célestes".
Encounter with the harpist Magali Zsigmond.
Concert in church St-Eustache in Paris.
For the 10th. consecutive year (every 1st. saterday of Advent), a concert is given in Nürnberg (D) in the oldest church : Frauenkirche.

1 9 9 2
In frame of cultural mecenat of enterprises, the companies Desvres and Jacob Delafon enter into partnership to make the people discover the Jean-Claude Mara's music in organising throughout France a cycle of 40 charity concerts (for 6 years), in prestigious places. Towns of Lyon, Bordeaux, La Chaise-Dieu, Aix-en-Provence and Lille are choosed this year.

1 9 9 1
Album "Réflexions" (compilation of "Intuitions" and "Litania"). Live recording of the concert given in the cathedral of Altenberg on 20.05.91 :
casket of two CDs : "Concert Public".
Recording of "Métamorphoses", created in cathedral of Altenberg.
Concert given in church la Madeleine in Paris, (charity concert for association "S.O.S.-Enfants").

1 9 9 0
Recording of "Evocations Grégoriennes", "Au Rythme du Coeur", "Ecce Sacerdos Magnus", "Envoûtements", "Contemplations".
First concerts-tour in Japan : Osaka, Himeji, Fujisawa, Tokyo (11 concerts).
The concerts in the cathedral of Altenberg (D) are become a yearly tradition every Whit Monday. This year is the 10th. anniversary.

1 9 8 9
Recording of "La Cité des Murmures" and "Musiques d'Ombres".

1 9 8 8
Recording of "A Altenberger Dom" created in cathedral of Altenberg (D).

1 9 8 7
Album "Anthologie" which presents one piece from each preceding record.

1 9 8 6
Recording of "Litania".
created in church of abbey Notre-Dame of Tournay (F).

1 9 8 5
Appearance in festival of Jerusalem (5 concerts).
Encounter with Ulrich Marxcors (symphonic percussions).
Recording of "Intuitions".
created in church of Larroque-Magnoac (F).

1 9 8 4
Recording of "Thèmes Grégoriens", created in church of abbey Notre-Dame of Tournay (F).

1 9 8 3
Recording of "Impressions", created in church of Larroque-Magnoac (F).
First concert in Belgium (Bruxelles).

1 9 8 2
recording of "Echos de Brumes", created in church of St-Lambert-des-Bois (F).

1 9 8 1
Concert recorded by german radio (W.D.R.) in church of Sinzig (D).
First concerts with Elisabeth Valletti (harp).
First concert in cathedral of Altenberg (D).

1 9 8 0
Jean-Claude Mara decides to create his own company. He insures the artistic and technical parts, and manages by himself the business about his creations under his label "Mara" :



Concerts in France and Germany.
Recording of the 4th. record : "Syrinx et Pan", created in church of St-Martin of Vitré (F) and of the 5th. record : "Mars" created in cathedral of Luçon (F).

1 9 79
First concerts-tour in Germany (Bonn, Koblenz, Mayen, Andernach) main concerts in France : cathedrals of Bourges, Clermont-Ferrand, churchs St-Sernin in Toulouse, St- Germain-l'Auxerrois in Paris.
Recording of the 3rd. record : "La Création" (S.M.), created in cathedral of Lodève (F).

1 9 78
First concerts-tour in France. In Paris : churchs of St-Etienne-du Mont, St-Louis-des-Invalides, St-Merry, German protestant church.
Recording of the 2nd. record : "Images d'une Vie" (S.M.), created in church of Fontenay-aux -Roses (F).
Encounter with the organist Jean Dahais.

1 9 77
First "test concerts" in south-west of France (Lectoure... Fleurance... Mirande... Marciac). The audiences and the critics are very enthusiastic. The first "official concert" is given in the cathedral of Auch on september 10 th., and then first concert in Paris in church St-Merry.
Recording of the 1st. record : "Le Mystère de Noël" (S.M.), created in church of Sceaux (F).

1 9 76
Encounter with Georges Bernès, organist, with whom he creates his own personal and spontaneous musical language, in perfect harmony with mind of churchs in which they train, whithout other ambition that their own delight in playing free.

1 9 72
Listening to the radio, he discovers for the first time in his life the fantastic expressive possibilities of the panpipes. After many difficulties and even a trip in Rumania, he finally finds and gets in Paris the instrument of his dreams! Then, he learns to play by himself, under advises of Gheorghe Zamfir who he meets in France.