MARA Productions

 MARA Productions is a society established in year 1980.

It was founded by Jean-Claude MARA.
Musician by vocation, self taught, he has choosen the panpipes to express his own music. Since 1977 he has given spiritual concerts (mostly in churches). In year 1978 he recorded his first album : "Le Mystère de Noël" (The mystery of Christmas).
His music is very much appreciated around the religious world to accompany meditation, prayer, during offices and ceremonies or for creating a contemplative atmosphere in churches for the visitors. Many people find peace and consolation in listening the music.

MARA Productions markets the Jean-Claude MARA's recordings.
Jean-Claude MARA is himself responsible for the technical aspects (sound recording, editing, mixing). The recording sessions are made either in churches or in the studio he has fited out and in which the best equipemend is used to get the unique sound. The design covers for CD and MC are created by Jean-Claude MARA himself. Each album presented in the catalogue is an original and personal creation !

The clientele of MARA Productions is by and large religious bookshops and monasteries.

Advertising by word of mouth takes place, and also by concerts performed by Jean-Claude MARA in France, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Israël, and Switzerland.

The distribution to the retailers is directly managed by MARA Productions, with distributors in Belgium, Spain and Germany.

In some countries : Italy, Japan, Portugal, Brasil, South Korea, some albums are marketed under licence contracts.

M A R A   P r o d u c t io n s  -  31420 ALAN - FRANCE
Tel : 33 (0)5 61 98 79 30   -   Fax : 33 (0)5 61 98 79 38